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Our Philosophy

We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on experience! The active learning, or “hands on approach”, is developmentally appropriate for children of all ages. Our highly trained and educated staff implement curriculum based on that Rhode Island early learning standards and learning goals which incorporates the following domains:


-Physical Health and Development

-Social and Emotional Development

-Language Development


-Cognitive Development

-Science/Social Studies


-Creative Arts


Fact About Our Classes..


Our program seeks to identify the educational needs, interests and advanced skills of each of our students to generate a guided educational plan to ensure growth and development. When a child enters our classroom every moment is a teachable one!

Special Programs

Diverse Language Awareness

A program that seeks to familiarize children from the age of 3 and 4 in the use of the Spanish and Sign language.




Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics projects/activities can be seen in all of our classrooms!

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